Text Box: Wetland creation

 Legacy Ventures IV, LLC created wetlands for the site of the new Federal Bureau of Investigation headquarters in Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida.


Working with engineer, Hung Mai,   Legacy Ventures IV, LLC developed the site with regard to the following:

· Wetland Planning, Design & Permitting

· Earthwork and Plantings

· Wetland Maintenance



 Legacy Ventures IV, LLC acquired  the three contiguous parcels comprising approximately 6.93 acres of land located at  5525 Gray Street, Tampa, Florida.


The Environmental Protection Commission approved the Wetlands Mitigation Work for the subject property on November 27, 2002. Working with H.T. Mai, engineer, and Biological Research Associates (“BRA”) Legacy Ventures IV, LLC, developed the site to create the wetlands pursuant to the permits.


After the acquisition, Legacy Ventures IV, LLC subsequently entered into an option to purchase agreement with the United States General Services Administration to convey the site once the wetland creation was substantially completed. The GSA later assigned the option to a REIT and the buildings were constructed.



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